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“きっかけ = cue”






Your life’s journey continues from here.
Opportunity = “Cue”

Hello. We run “Taketa Ekimae Hostel Cue” in a place called Taketa City, Oita Prefecture.
We renovated the traditional house which was built all the way back in the late 1800s, with help from more than 200 friends and volunteers, and finally opened in April 2017. While your stay with Cue, you may experience a bit of the “down-to-earth kind of life in Taketa” spread around in the hostel, through things like history and wisdom from the past, nature’s blessings and craftsmanship.
They might be things that somehow make you feel nostalgic, or the thought is taken into it.
If you’ve felt some kind of comfort through your stay with us, we would be very happy if you remember in unexpected moments or introduce the “down-to-earth kind of life in Taketa” in your life back home.
You might even find new worlds or lifestyle that you’ve never thought about through your stay here. This may sound a bit over-exaggerated, but we will always be here to introduce to you Taketa with pride, and make your stay in Taketa amazing.


For future generations




We are making efforts to solving global environmental problems for future generations.
We are trying to reduce waste and use products that are made from natural substances as possible while keeping your stay comfortable and pleasant. Also, we will start a new project that focuses on the environment and education from the SDGs.
“Let’s keep choosing what is worth for the future together”

cue family紹介



またそれと同時に「For future generations」という共通認識のもと、力を合わせる未来志向のチームでもあります。


Lastly, we would like to introduce you to our staff crew that we call “family”.
We feel at home, sometimes fight but are always honest with and trust each other. We respect each other and have an open working environment. We are a future-oriented team that is on the same page “for future generations”.
We will all do our best to welcome you all and wish the best for your travel and new encounters.